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Penzion Čas - Český Rudolec - home

Accommodation - House rules

Dear guests, We invite You in the Pension Čas. Please be so kind as to make familiar with our House rules.

Arrivals and departures
The rooms and apartments are ready to be handed over after 14.00 o´clock, by 20.00 o´clock at the latest, though. You will get the keys to Your room from the quartermaster (phone:723859912). The entry term beyond these hours must be negotiated in advance by phone. If a guest asks for his/her stay to be extended, he/she can ask for a different room than the room he/she shared by then. When terminating the stay, the rooms and apartments are handed over by 10.00 o´clock.

Room reservations and cancellation fees
Guest sends the filled room reservation order by e-mail. In receiving the answer the guests is given the account number to pay an advance payment of 1 000,-CZK. In case the guest cancels his/her reservation by three weeks before his/her entry date, he/she gets back the full advance payment. Doing so by 14 days means he/she gets back a half of it, i.e. 500,-CZK. If cancellation is made one week or less before entry date, the payment is not reimbursed.

Checking-in of guests
When being accommodated, it is necessary for a guest to identify himself/herself with a valid ID certificate and fill in a check-in card, foreigners then a check-in card for the Alien Police.

After his/her arrival, a guest finds the outfit below in the rooms and apartments:
-towels-bed linen-products for washing- toilet paper-dish-cloths-kitchen utensils(kettles, dishes, cutlery...)
In case any of the outfitting items is damaged (TV, furniture, etc.) and when a key is lost, the quartermaster is entitled to require attributable remuneration.

Smoking in all the pension premises is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Visits and silent hours
The silent hours are from 22.00 o´clock to 7.00 o´clock and they are mandatory for all the guests. The visits in the rooms and apartments after 22.00 o´clock must be agreed upon with the quartermaster.

Modifications in rooms
A guest must not relocate furniture and make any interventions in the electrical and any other installations. A guest further must not use his/her own electrical appliances except for the appliances intended for a personal hygiene of the guests.

Children and animals
For reasons of safety guests are disallowed to leave children up to 10 years of age and animals in the rooms, apartments, the common and outdoor premises of the Pension beyond control.

Parking is possible in enclosed yard and the barn of the Pension. The parking lot is provided for cars and bikes here.

The main entrance must be locked for reasons of safety.

Breakfast is served daily from 7.30 o´clock to 10.00 o´clock in the coffee house. Breakfast must be ordered along with a room. Breakfast can be cancelled or, conversely, ordered behindhand as agreed upon on the spot.

We appreciate Your observance of the House rules wishing You a pleasant stay.

Penzion Čas, Český Rudolec 10, +420 723 859 912; +420 602 427 986,

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