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Czech Canada Nature Park

The Czech Canada Nature Park- is an area spreading southeast of Jindřichův Hradec. The nearby municipalities of Kunžak, Český Rudolec, Slavonice, Nová Bystřice and Jindřichův Hradec surround it.

Its area covers 18 700 ha. The name comes from the natural character of the countryside, typical of numerous water areas, extensive forest complexes with scattered boulders and somewhat colder and damper climate. It is very sparsely populated country with several nature reserves. The harsher conditions and relatively high elevation above sea level (600-700m), guarantee very good snow conditions. Czech Canada is not a typical skiing area, however, it can be used by cross-country skiers in winters and by bicyclists and tourists in summers.

The park is intersected by the Jindřichův Hradec Local Railways. It will take you for ride at a speed no higher than thirty kilometres through the romantic countryside along narrow gauge rails with a gauge of mere 76 centimetres. Both the narrow gauge rail tracks meet in Jindřichův Hradec: the Jindřichův Hradec-Nová Bystřice track dating from 1897 and the Jindřichův Hradec-Obrataň track from 1906. During summers an original steam engine with wagons is puffing here, carrying bicycles as well.

Jindřichův Hradec. A town positioned above the Vajgar Lake, with a gothic castle and renaissance château that still belonged to the largest ones in the Czech Kingdom in a middle of the 17th century. The town˙s historic core was declared a municipal historical reservation. The old town is towered above by the Provost˙s Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and its massive tower with the 15th meridian of eastern longitude passing through the church˙s quoin.

Nová Bystřice. It is situated at an altitude of 590m. In former times there were old trade routes leading through this region. The eldest preserved materials on Nová Bystřice come from 1341 when the burg got the municipal rights. The most interesting points in the vicinage:
Town of Klášter-the Holy Trinity Church, one of the biggest wooden altars in the Central Europe, visitable catacombs. You can find a medicinal well by the church.
Castle of Landštejn - a preserved castle ruin of the 13th century, towering on a borderland of Bohemia, Moravia and Austria.
The Museum of the Czechoslovak Fortification - blockhouses of 1938, certain structures are equipped with the period facilities, original outfit, and armament of the pre-way Czechoslovak Army.
Golfresort Monachus - the Nová Bystřice Golf Course is the first public golf course (9 holes), the Mnich Golf Course-a master course(18 holes).

Town of It is situated in the altitude of 519m. The dominating feature of Slavonice is its square with the gothic, renaissance, and baroque houses. One of the oldest parts of the town is also the Slavonice Underground. It is probably associated with the original gothic buildings of the 12th century. Two sightseeing paths 136m and 380m long are presently made accessible here. A village detached 3 kilometres called Maříž is, for a change, famous for its ceramics. There is a ceramic workshop here where you can paint your own teapot.

Town of Telč Since 1970 the city is declared a historical reservation to be listed in the World Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO in 1992. The annual Folk Holidays are held in the local renaissance château. The traditional Roštejn Jazz Festival is held, for a change, on the 7km distant Roštejn Castle. The castle, build in about 1350, is situated in the altitude of 677m.

City of Dač This city holds a world primacy - in 1842, the first lump sugar in the world was produced in a local sugar mill. Besides, there is also a château of the 16th century here that was rebuilt several times, in the empire style lastly, and numerous different historical landmarks.
This region is rich in tourist attractions which you will surely opt for here, and we believe that it will be pleasure for you to go back. The Penzion Čas looks forward to your visit.

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